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We empower our employees by providing them with the tools they need; not just to help us compete, but to win.

We are very excited that you have an interest in joining the Weststar team! Please fill out the form below and upload your resume so that one of our hiring managers can reach out to you confidentially, and quickly. We have dedicated staff and processes focused on your successful onboarding to our team that are here to help you with any questions you might have along the way. We call this process “Day One” because we’re intent on making your first impression of us as powerful as we hope you make on your future teammates and our customers.

Here’s just a brief overview of how our onboarding process works once you have completed the interview process and accept an offer:

Once you have completed the interview process and accept an offer:

  1. HR will send you the new hire package to complete, sign and return;
  2. When we receive the required paperwork from you we will order your background check (this usually takes 48-72 hours);
  3. When your cleared background check comes back you will be notified and any missing employment documents that will need to be provided;
  4. Once HR has all of your paperwork our IT partners will set-up your system credentials and get your necessary equipment prepared for your first day(this process takes approximately 1-2 days;
  5. Once HR has your credentials they will send you a welcome email out;
  6. If your position requires marketing support you’ll be contacted to make sure that what you need is in on the way before your first day on the team.

Retail Products and Services

We have a long history of creating and offering innovative "niche" products with real business-building power for our branches and sales associates.

Of course we offer all of the standard “vanilla” programming that our competitors offer. However, we also offer loan products that will help you quickly become known in your market as a provider of high quality loan products with the flexibilities that have been abandoned by other mortgage companies. We also continue to add new products for our branches at every opportunity we get. Some examples of our innovative product line include:

The ability to offer these products gives you a different line of business to pursue with your referral partners and opens doors to entirely new partnerships with realtors and builders. Our originators gain additional referral sources and opportunities to succeed while their competitors scramble to match our ability to say "yes" more often.

Like you, Weststar knows that it’s not product diversity alone that will guarantee the growth of your business. Highly skilled service and a competitive price are equally critical components to a menu of product and fundamentally part of any success story in the mortgage business. Weststar is dedicated to helping its sales associates provide the full package necessary to succeed in meeting consumer needs and is looking to add to the team.

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